Sculpture HD Scanning

We can provide on site high definition scanning, The scanner is accurate down to 0.05mm and with a powerful laptop we can capture large pieces of sculpture in great detail, as shown here with our work on Hazel Reeves' "Our Emmeline". Scanning both the sculpture itself and the silicone mold for areas that were inaccessible around the skirt and chair, the results were combined to be printed as a master in the production of a scaled down collectors edition.

Sculpture Presentation & Fabrication

Starting with concepts in various forms; sketches, photos, scan data or physical objects, we develop a solution based on our clients requirements.


Using a wide range of 3D software we work with our clients to enable the realisation of their conceptual designs in the form of 3D models, virtual or physical.


BLAZE by Sebastian Wrong

Free-form graffiti sculpture modeled from a photo of a flat sprayed tag and interpreted in to a 3d form. CNC machined.

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