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Who we are
For over 20 years, Solid Models, has helped designers, architects, sculptors and artists to realise their concepts as  prototypes, physical models and products.

We provide an on site 3D scanning service that has both capacity for large sculpture but the accuracy for the smallest of components and details.

With our expertise in developing virtual models for rendering and animation as well as 3D printing, casting and machining processes, we will work closely with you every step of the way to bring your ideas to life.

Ben Martin is an experienced 3D artist and model maker, working in a wide range of media including large scale machining for sculpture, painting and more recently experimenting with applications for 3D printing and scanning.
Recent trends in free form product design, architecture and sculpture, have led us to make use of advanced 3D scanning technology and specialist CAD software to handle high-polygon, solid and surface modelling.
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